Who am I?

I've always had an affinity for capturing moments on film or, more specifically, in digital formats made readily available over the past few years. I spent a majority of my life behind a desk making sales -- not exactly my dream in life, but I had bills to pay. It wasn't until 2008 that I decided to pick up a used Canon DSLR and spent my off-time doing something I love!  My enthusiasm for creating and capturing the right moments returned instantly. I carried my Canon everywhere I went, and soon enough, I had albums and albums worth of photographs. Shortly thereafter, I started sharing my exposures via Facebook, and other social networks. Eventually, I decided to create a blog to showcase my work and Life in Digital was born.   

As the summer of 2010 came to an end, I decided to migrate from capturing stills to motion -- upgrading to a Canon 7D, and the rest is history.  I not only bring my unique style and experience to the table, but I work tirelessly to provide you with the quality expected on your wedding!  

As I arrive, I set up my station and put together my equipment.  From that point onward, I don't stop working until the last song has played and the final kiss has been given. Beside creativity and understanding ones craft, I also take pride in delivering exceptional customer service; from your big day until the final product is delivered, I aim to provide you with a professional and rewarding experience.  

Thank you for considering Life in Digital and I look forward to capturing all of your wonderful moments!

Gusto Lopez

Me, Myself & I