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Panel Q & A

Panel Q & A





What can I say about the Swift Summit? Well, not being a coder, I can only say that I was thoroughly impressed by the presenters.

I’m a cinematographer, but I do find coding very interesting and confounding at the same time. My only experience with coding is watching the mischievous Zero Cool hack the system with a fierce Jolie, and a series of “hackers” peddling keystrokes in countless other movies and T.V. shows that could hack any system without batting an eye. I’m sure that none of that was made up of anything with much merit in the real world, excluding the recent show Mr. Robot from what I’ve heard. I guess I was intrigued with the ability to muck stuff up with just a few lines of code.

Now we have this language called Swift. What is it? I guess it’s a type of code for mobile apps. I think. How about we all Google it instead? OK. Googled. What I saw was pretty amazing. There are a bunch of sharp cats creating some very cool tools that many of us use in our daily lives. Who knew how much really went into all this? I mean, I figured it took a lot of work but after I saw the problems they ran into and how they came together to resolve them, it’s a pretty fracking cool job.

Gusto Lopez
In the Shadows at the Swift Summit!
Curl, Gig Clone...whaaaaa??? 

Curl, Gig Clone...whaaaaa??? 

Like a creeper, I'm in the shadows of the back row filming this informative event. I'm intrigued and confused by all this code talk. Sharp people! 

Gusto Lopez
For The Bride To Be

Makeup is key on your big day, obviously. Now me being a guy, I'm not well versed on the whole process but this article is worth a read if you're not sure what kind of makeup will be the most flattering for your pictures! 

Cllick here for a look at the full article!



Every time we post a tutorial on how to do your own wedding makeup, the question invariably arises: does this have SPF? What is the best SPF makeup for wedding photos? And will SPF ruin my wedding pictures? The short answer is—if you’re getting married outside during the daytime, it won’t. SPF is only a problem with flash photography. But beyond that general takeaway, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of understanding how the problem with SPF and flash really shakes out. Save for some conflicting YouTube videos, I have yet to find a conclusive test of this phenomenon. (I mean, I guess most of the time you’re probably not that worried about how you’re to be photographed when you leave the house? Go figure.)

A few weeks ago, we set out to demystify the connection between SPF foundation and wedding photography. We bought a handful of foundations with varying levels of SPF (from none, all the way to SPF 55), at varying price points (from drugstore stuff to the more pricey Sephoragoods). And Jillian West, former APW sponsor turned vintage shop owner, agreed to be our gracious guinea pig.

Gusto Lopez
I Love Funny People

And that would definitely include, Marian McColm. I met this kid awhile back while taking care of the video rental room at SF State. Right off the bat, she came in telling stories about slapping people, telling us a bear raping joke and pretty much had us cracking up every time she visited. 

Fast forward a year or so later and I had the opportunity to work as DP on her short film, Purfect Date. The girl can act, direct and write! Here you have her short film, Purfect Date that also co-starred Will Papadin. 

First dates can be awkward, especially with a crazy cat lady. Written and Directed by Marian McColm Cinematography Gusto Lopez Assistant Direct Maya Worthy Sound Aaron Ware Edited by William Papadin
Gusto Lopez
The Monochromatics on Tumblr

I've recently decided to start a separate blog on Tumblr that showcases some of my photography. Now the approach on this blog is that all images are in black and white. I love video but while those lengthy projects render, I enjoy taking a new stab at old stills I've snapped while working in my studio.   

The model, Chynna, is sheer awesomeness! We spent a few hours shooting in various outfits and even though I'd love to take credit for all of the amazing shots that we created together, I have to give her most of the credit. The girl is the epitome of PHOTOGENIC!

Subject. Chynna M. Instagram: @mingsheba

Live Streaming - Coming Soon!

Technology continues to make things so much easier for us videographers. Now we have the Movi, the live event camera! I read the specs and basically hit ORDER seconds afterwards!

I've had clients ask if I did this and in April, I will be offering this new option! 

This is the perfection option for those clients that have elderly family members or members in far away places that cannot attend the big day, well now they can participate online! Yep! This new tool will allow me to broadcast your big day to a private web address. 

If your big day is taking place after April, contact me for details about pricing and what I would need from you to make all of this possible, i.e. Wi-Fi connection, a clear area for the camera, etc.


Gusto Lopez
DJI OSMO...Patiently I Wait For This New Gimbal Tool!

I went back and forth on whether or not to buy this and finally I decided to pull the trigger! Now B&H Photo holds my OSMO captive! I'm being hyperbolic, it's on backorder but patience has never been my thing. 

I've heard great things about those lucky enough to have had an Osmo on hand before the rest of the world and then there are the naysayers. I obviously have no room to talk as of now but I know I'm not expecting RED quality footage since I will be using the Zenumuse X3 Camera that comes onboard.  

My plan is to use this as a B Roll camera for those pretty sweeping shots or long takes while brides stroll through those pretty shady glens. One of the biggest reasons for this purchase is to not stress myself out with Merlins or Ronins or whatever other sophisticated high priced gimbal tools are out there.

All in all, I'm excited about this new tool coming my way!

....I should grab a Snickers. 


It is probably one of the most important things a videographer or photographer can do, backup the least once or why not twice! I have a photographer friend that actually drives her backup drive to another location and keeps another drive with her for editing purposes, just in case of a fire or whatever other catastrophe could happen at home. 

When selecting your videographer, it would be wise to ask just how many times they back up the data and where it is stored cause even if a meteor doesn't crash through the roof, a drive could always fail. 

Happy hunting!

Gusto Lopez

It's always fun to venture into new territory while playing in Photoshop. 

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