Get...That...Dirt Off My Folders

While running a search for recent images to edit, I came across a couple of old files that I had snapped while working with a friend of mine months ago. I was pleased with the results after some editing in Photoshop.

We snapped these in the studio with a single strobe and a beauty dish. The camera used was a Canon 7D with a 30MM Sigma. 

A Finished Product

There is nothing more rewarding than completing a personal project. This is definitely a project that I'm pretty content with minus the presence of me onscreen, haha. Overall, the shots worked out pretty well and I think the story is clear or clear enough. I think more could have been done but with limited resources and time, this is what we ended up with. 

For Those Deadlines

With each shoot, I continue learning more about filming in a very efficient manner. For a recent short film project, my camera partner and I wrote down each of the files or scenes we liked most so that we had an easier time in post.

Now, as an editor, you must review all of the footage cause you never know what you will find but if you have a deadline, the referencing of the good files makes the post process go by so much faster. 

The final edit is coming soon!

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 3.39.36 PM.png

WePay - Awesome Service & Awesome Team!

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of working with the company WePay. I started using their service over a year ago and while my business is one that fluctuates from month to month, I slowly began sending my clients invoices via WePay. I really liked using their service cause of how easy it was to send an invoice and none of my clients experienced any issues paying the bill - always a perk for a business owner :). 

Well recently they had a big event at their office and I was asked to come onsite to chat with Bill (CEO) in front of the entire company about my experiences with WePay. It was a bit nerve wracking but overall, the WePay team is an awesome crowd!  I was also asked to capture some images and video while there. 

Now I'm in the process of putting together a short video from the footage I captured. The final copy is coming soon! 

Meet the Rad Owner of Cafe St. Jorge, Andrea De Francisco

A couple of weeks back I was contacted by this rad girl, Andrea De Francisco. She had come across my posting offering Kickstarter video production on Craigslist. The funny thing was that I had a project already scheduled for the Monday she needed to shoot but luckily for her, the client I had scheduled to shoot with ended up flaking. Serendipity or maybe you can just chalk it up to coincidence. 

We agreed to start shooting at 6:30 AM, yep...we're both early birds and you know what they say, the early bird needs a lot of coffee or some sort of energy supplement to get through the day. That's a saying, right??? We met at her old place of employment, The Grind located in the awesome Lower Haight district in San Francisco, CA. She was easy to direct, open to ideas and just overall, a very cool person to work with. 

From there we hit the location of her future cafe located at 3438 Mission Street in the beautiful Mission district of San Francisco, CA. We shot there for a few minutes and then headed to Dolores Park. The sun was shining and the 420 party goers from days before had left a nice mess but we made do. 

The result was this final video that Andrea will be using to kick off her Kickstarter campaign. It's always a pleasure to work with ambitious people that have made up their mind to chase down their dream. These people make my work fun and I leave even more inspired to continue with my pursuit for my own dream!

Crisis Averted!

During yesterday's shoot, I had my DR-40 and Azden Boom Mic all ready to go. Right before we began looking for people to interview, the signal suddenly went dead. I wasn't capturing any sound! I was about to panic and dart off screaming in frustration but then I remembered that I had brought along my Rode Shotgun microphone as a backup. 

It's these kind of moments that remind me just how important it is to show up prepared to every shoot! You never know what can go wrong, so if you have a backup, it's good to bring it along! 

As the crisis was happening! Haha. 

Working on a Music Video

This year I have given myself the challenge of raising the bar. I'm notorious for getting comfortable with a certain groove and sticking with it, so I took on a music video project. The storyboard has been created and the musical duo has approved it. At thits point, it's a go! 

I will have the pleasure of creating a beautiful visual for the group 


The concept will be driven by tight framed shots, beautiful costumes and fancy post production techniques. The song that will be featured is a cover of After The Rain originally by Little Dragon.

I'm looking forward to creating something that elevates my level of work. 

Impromptu Shoot

Sometimes shooting on a moments notice can yield great results.

This muse happened to be available last night and allowed me to capture these shots. During the shoot, I utilized a strobe with a beauty dish. 

The Album Cover Photo Shoot on Vimeo

About a month back I had the pleasure of working with Douye' once again. She is a talented songstress that is about to drop her sophomore album. Douye' is such a sweet person, it never feels like work when I'm hanging out with this talented woman! For a sneak peak to her new music and a glimpse of the shoot, check out the behind the scenes video I've put together. 

While on set, I had the opportunity of working with all of these very talented people:

Ugo Mozie:

Daver Campbell:

Kenny Sweeney:

Crystal Givens:

Andrea Zamora:

Thanks for reading and for taking a moment to check out the video! 

Music Fuels Inspiration

Currently working on a few projects but I'd like to address one specifically.  

I am in the process of creating a collage of moments that I have captured during weddings and various other events that I've shot. The key thing driving this project is the music track.  

If I think of movies I've loved, music always plays a big part in the film. Sideways, 500 Days of Summer, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Juno, etc. All of these films not only consist of great cinematography, storytelling, directing, and performances but soundtracks as well. Let's face it, visuals without music can stand on their own but music certainly spices things up and in most cases, brings a project together.  

Take a listen to this incredible instrumental track that I had the fortune of coming across while surfing SoundCloud! This musician is from Finland and I'm obsessed with most of VAPPU's tracks. This person creates some beautiful music.  

And Action!

Here we go again!

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of teaming with up with the beautiful Mila Lovette, yet again. This time around we will be shooting a short video. It's an idea that I've been entertaining for a while and now I'm lucky enough to have Mila participate. 

The purpose, well that I will wait to reveal on a later post, but every shoot helps me get better at capturing great footage, so I'm excited.

If you don't know the beautiful Mila Lovette, here are some images that we have created while working together.