Never stop rolling.


The Time Lapse

For this shoot I used:




I setup for it to snap every 3 seconds. 

Check out the video featuring music by Ghost Knife! Also featured on: 

Filmed at: Barrow Salon in San Francisco, CA. 

Gusto Lopez
A Day in the Life

This is basically a mini documentary that I'm working on revolving around my niece, Ellie.

Basically trying to capture her activities throughout the day and how a child enjoys many of the simple things in life...something we tend to forget as we grow up. 

Gusto Lopez

My first venture into 2D. I had never considered shooting in this way but it was a lot of fun and allows my imagination to really take over. 

I had an idea for the story but the materials I picked up at East Bay Creative Depot in Oakland, CA definitely finalized it! The colored chips, the patterns, the window cutout...all of those things simply caught my eye and once I began shooting, the story began to unfold through these items. 

I love the idea of surrealism because it really demands your imagination to run wild! The process is very arduous but being in a room full of junk and having it take form is pretty damn awesome. You're not limited whatsoever. 

I have one more 2D project on my plate, we shall see where it goes.  

Goodbye - An Alameda Sunset

Him: I know you have to go but these sunsets...our home...nothing will be the same until you return.

Her: I know...I promise that I'll come back. This is just something I have to do. Wait for me cause I'll never stop loving you.

Him: I already miss you.

Her: My plane is boarding...goodbye.

Him: Goodbye honey...

Him: Wait...

Her: (Phone Hangs Up)

Love Was In The Air!

Slowly mowing through all of the editing projects that I have on my plate. 

I had the pleasure of filming this beautiful couple's wedding at the Marc Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco. The climate proved to be a bit of challenge for those pesky outside pictures; it was a tad on the windy side. Aside from that little hurdle, the entire evening was amazing! Love was in the air, friends and family from everywhere and many beautiful memories were made & captured! 


Natalie & Michael - Mark III: Magic Lantern Edition - Video Still 

Natalie & Michael - Mark III: Magic Lantern Edition - Video Still 


I love rummaging through old shots and finding something new and interesting. Again, I could not decide which color scheme works best. 

Another Trip to Yosemite

No matter how many times one goes to Yosemite, the spectacular views will always leave you in awe. 

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." Robert Frost